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Per Claudia's request, I am posting regarding my monstrous and unfinished HP piece, "Lest I Wither". It's not that I have abandoned it - exactly. It's more that I have no idea where it is going and can't even recall if I ever had a clue. This is the fic that taught me never to post a WIP. I am sorry to those who are hoping that I will update it soon. Friends, I see no updates in the foreseeable future. Forgive me!
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[livejournal.com profile] kinseyx hath podfic'ed me. He's got a nice, lightly accented voice that reads especially well for the Dreams series which is told from John Doggett's pov. It's an interesting experience to hear my stories read by someone else with the intonations and emphases that they choose. It is also a serious ego-boost. Hooray for Amplificathon which insures that no sightless slasher will go unserved!
If you're interested, you can find them here.

In Dreams (#1)
Begins Responsibility (#2)

Thanks, SK Lee!
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I appear to be one third of the nucleus of a new writer's group. I have never been in one before. Does anyone have good advice for starting and keeping one running?
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It was a relaxed and busy day today. We cleaned out the garage, roasted a turkey, I got in an hour at the gym, we read a lot, did 2 loads of laundry, 3 loads of dishes, made some great turkey gravy, I wrote a rather difficult poem (thanks, [livejournal.com profile] devohoneybee for holding my hand!) and finished a rather silly SGA/QEftSG xover. Books were ordered, movies researched and get well cards written, as well. There was also a lovely nap involved somewhere and kittens playing in the garden. See - busy and yet relaxing.

I could use an SGA beta. Anyone up for the task? It's a short story - about 13 pages or so.
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Ok, 1,500 words today. Not huge, but ... writing.
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But I did get 750 words written this morning. A pittance, but more than I had yesterday, so I am going to count it as a win. No yoga class, no visit to sick friend, but writing done.

I am now at work, spreading the plague wherever I can. We'll see how the little disease-vectors like it when someone *else* is doing the snorfling.
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I have odd, dream-like disjointed sentences floating through my head. They are connected to nothing and no one and represent no deep subconscious anythings ... I think they are my brain's equivalent of doodling in the margins. They include:

I don't love you anymore.

Asparagus is never blue.

I thought you silenced the guard!

I don't believe you anymore.

Your past sins are since past.

Nothing and no one, never and now.

* * *

Snatches of song lyrics, dramatic dialog from badly over-written soap operas, punch lines from bland jokes - who knows what they are? Now they're stuck in your head, too!
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OK, friends. Here's the place to put the first line of the novel you will never write. So what if it sounds more like an entry to the "Dark and Stormy Night" contest? Share!

I'll go first...

Geoffrey peered harder at the scribbled paper in his hand, mildly suprised that Monica had included both 'squirrels' and 'linoleum' on her party supply list.
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