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I fired my secretary on Tuesday for cause. Now everyone can't wait to come out of the woodwork to tell me how she was badmouthing me. Why does no one ever think to share this useful information when it would still be useful? Now it just makes me feel stupid for ever trusting her or treating her kindly.

Of course, loving confrontation as I do, it's thrown me off all week long. Which is silly, really, but there it is.

On happier fronts, the new chiropractor seems talented and will be helping enormously with the back, I think. The chicks are happy and healthy and learning to use the little roosting ladder the Husband built for them. The striped moggy keeps trying to get into their container and play, of course. He is demonstrating a pretty high degree of ambition and diabolical planning ability; thank God he hasn't got an opposable thumb. We have tickets to a fun concert held in honor of one of my good friends here and the morning off tomorrow. Some inspired sprawling is the plan for the rest of the day.
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On advice, we will wait until early next week. Yay. At least I feel like decisions have been made and am far less upset about it now. Still unhappy that it has to happen, but at least the decisions are made.
Thanks for the support, friends. It really has helped!
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I did manage to tear myself out of bed, despite the curled up and snorfling husband, the curled up and snorfling kitten on his hip and the curled up and purring black cat on mine. I went for a walk with my friend, L, and we had coffee and talked about all sorts of important and gossipy things.

She has been through the WLS two years before me and she knows exactly where I am now. I am so successful that I am testing to see if I can screw it up. Not exercising, not eating enough protein, really fighting myself to take my vitamins and meds and generally testing all the limits I can. Despite myself, I continue to lose weight and am now below 170.

Writing is going fairly well, if oddly. I seem to be coming up with short bits and spurts, sometimes poetry, sometimes prose-poems, sometimes just slash stories. I suppose it all counts, although what I intend to be writing for writing group, my murder mystery, is stubbornly stalled.

In other news, I have an inuksuk! A tiny little desk-sized inuksuk. Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] imkalena!
If you don't know what one is, as I did not, here is a sample picture.

Needless to say, the kitten thinks it represents a challenge!
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This morning, I am off to see my surgeon for my regular check up. I am looking forward to this! It helps that he is adorable, of course. 116 lbs down, 20 to go!

Then I have a private adult Hebrew student and a quiet day of meetings with my rabbi and cantor and an attempt to get all my stuff done. I'm actually looking forward to this; part of this could be that I have NO evening meetings tonight. I NEVER have a free Thursday night, so it feels like a snow-day.

Off I go with my heating pad, my coffee and my husband - talk about a trio of security items!
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I am having a delightful time with the Muskrat Jamboree people, who are a hoot! Best time of all is the time spent with Kalena and WPAdmirer and Kylie Lee. 4 women in a hotel room is usually difficult but they are delightful room mates. I have enjoyed the panels and discussions in a pleasant but not especially energetic way. This could be me, of course. But the con is really secondary to the interesting people one meets and gets to see again.

I am hoping to get to see my bestest college friend again tomorrow, having totally forgotten to arrange for a bed for us tomorrow night before leaving on Monday. The Brother has arranged for us to get together with Israeli cousins I haven't seen since they were a WHOLE lot younger (one I've never met at all) so that will be fun. I fear the Husband is fed up to the back teeth with his relatives, so mine might be a relief to him. When I spoke with him this afternoon, he mentioned that a) his nephew was an asshole; b) his brother-in-law was rapidly emerging as one; and c) his younger brother is still an idiot. That would be the younger brother who flunked out of the witness protection program, so this last one isn't exactly a newsflash. The nephew still owes me for the car I sold him before leaving the Commonwealth 12 years ago, so this is still old news. The brother-in-law is new but not wholly unexpected (by me, anyway).

I look forward to seeing the Brother and Marvelous Sister-In-Law again, then eventually wending my way homeward to CA to hug my kitties and pick up after the Great Goddess Chicken Tragedy.

(Speaking of which, it seems that they may have pecked out the heat lamp and caused it to spark or short, thereby setting their litter and coop on fire. They aren't kidding when they talk about "bird-brains". We shall miss them.)
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Whilst looking online for clipart for a project at work today, this came up on one of the searches.

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Finally. I slept in this morning, until an importunate Random Cat and a Zapf!Cat with his flannel/bell toy insisted I get out of bed. The furnace never turned on last night, so it was a balmy 52* in the apartment. But it's sunny outside and I got a load of laundry in, the Husband has done 3 loads of dishes, I put in a pot roast to simmer and have a loaf of bread rising. How housewifely we are! Soon, there will be errands to run (library, Target, doctor's office), but right now, there is LJ and a cup of Hawaiian Hazelnut and the clinking of more glasses being washed (by someone else!!).
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I was unexpectedly released from what promised to be a massively unpleasant meeting this evening, so after dinner, I suggested we do the taxes. I don't know why The Husband assumed they were all his burden, which he was then avoiding accordingly. Hell, me, too!

But, we did them. Filed them. A better 2 hours never spent this week, I can tell you.

I feel like such a grown-up now.
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