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New baby chicks - an obvious triumph of optimism over experience.

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I am having a delightful time with the Muskrat Jamboree people, who are a hoot! Best time of all is the time spent with Kalena and WPAdmirer and Kylie Lee. 4 women in a hotel room is usually difficult but they are delightful room mates. I have enjoyed the panels and discussions in a pleasant but not especially energetic way. This could be me, of course. But the con is really secondary to the interesting people one meets and gets to see again.

I am hoping to get to see my bestest college friend again tomorrow, having totally forgotten to arrange for a bed for us tomorrow night before leaving on Monday. The Brother has arranged for us to get together with Israeli cousins I haven't seen since they were a WHOLE lot younger (one I've never met at all) so that will be fun. I fear the Husband is fed up to the back teeth with his relatives, so mine might be a relief to him. When I spoke with him this afternoon, he mentioned that a) his nephew was an asshole; b) his brother-in-law was rapidly emerging as one; and c) his younger brother is still an idiot. That would be the younger brother who flunked out of the witness protection program, so this last one isn't exactly a newsflash. The nephew still owes me for the car I sold him before leaving the Commonwealth 12 years ago, so this is still old news. The brother-in-law is new but not wholly unexpected (by me, anyway).

I look forward to seeing the Brother and Marvelous Sister-In-Law again, then eventually wending my way homeward to CA to hug my kitties and pick up after the Great Goddess Chicken Tragedy.

(Speaking of which, it seems that they may have pecked out the heat lamp and caused it to spark or short, thereby setting their litter and coop on fire. They aren't kidding when they talk about "bird-brains". We shall miss them.)
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I had one of those days today - the insanely busy, very productive but ultimately exhausting sort of day. I got about 22 out of 25 things on my To Do list done, most of them time sensitive, so I actually feel accomplished. I had 4 meetings, including one this evening that only lasted 2.5 hours and included a roast beef sandwich. I got to the gym and upped everything by 5 lbs (ouch). I read half a chapter of "Your Money or Your Life" which promises to help me think differently about money; of course, so does the front page of the LA Times, but I think they have different goals. The Husband and I also clipped one set of wing feathers on each of the chicks to discourage unauthorized flight patterns.

Now? I crash nose-first into the bed and look to do it all over again tomorrow, only without the feathers.
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I got my first ticket today in well over 20 years. I am begrumped. Mostly because I screwed up. The experience was mitigated by the fact that the CHiP was young, lithsome, handsome and very very polite. Because I was courteous and dead honest, he also gave me a pass on not having my insurance card on me (I do have lots of nice, up-to-date insurance), and apologized (!) for having to give me the ticket.

On the brighter side, besides getting a ton of work done, we have finally managed to name the chickens. Hera, Aphrodite, Minerva and Ishtar. Yes, I know one of these things is not like the others. "Demeter" just didn't roll off the tongue, ok?

I had suggested a different group of names, but the Husband nixed them - fortunately, really. I wanted to go with Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos, and Sheryl. I should not name anything after 9 p.m.
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We have chicks! Two Ameracaunas and 2 PLymouth Barred. They are currently residing in a galvanized feed tub under a heat lamp, which is why they look like red-lit feathery lumps in this photo. They pretty much are. Or were. That was yesterday, before they'd chowed through 2 cups of food and suddenly got comfy and curious and active.
It is a lot of fun to sit and watch them or to hold them and stroke their downy/furry little heads.
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