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Well, today sort of bites. I have to fire my assistant and likely let go another employee. And I just LOVE confrontation so. Or, to paraphrase a conversation the Husband and I had today:
The good news is, there is no fecal coliform bacteria in our water supply. The bad news is, that WAS the good news.

But I have managed to move down the scale from "Distressed" to "Grumpy", which is an improvement.
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I did manage to tear myself out of bed, despite the curled up and snorfling husband, the curled up and snorfling kitten on his hip and the curled up and purring black cat on mine. I went for a walk with my friend, L, and we had coffee and talked about all sorts of important and gossipy things.

She has been through the WLS two years before me and she knows exactly where I am now. I am so successful that I am testing to see if I can screw it up. Not exercising, not eating enough protein, really fighting myself to take my vitamins and meds and generally testing all the limits I can. Despite myself, I continue to lose weight and am now below 170.

Writing is going fairly well, if oddly. I seem to be coming up with short bits and spurts, sometimes poetry, sometimes prose-poems, sometimes just slash stories. I suppose it all counts, although what I intend to be writing for writing group, my murder mystery, is stubbornly stalled.

In other news, I have an inuksuk! A tiny little desk-sized inuksuk. Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] imkalena!
If you don't know what one is, as I did not, here is a sample picture.

Needless to say, the kitten thinks it represents a challenge!
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[livejournal.com profile] kinseyx hath podfic'ed me. He's got a nice, lightly accented voice that reads especially well for the Dreams series which is told from John Doggett's pov. It's an interesting experience to hear my stories read by someone else with the intonations and emphases that they choose. It is also a serious ego-boost. Hooray for Amplificathon which insures that no sightless slasher will go unserved!
If you're interested, you can find them here.

In Dreams (#1)
Begins Responsibility (#2)

Thanks, SK Lee!
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To adopt the style of LOLcats, a website and style I do not care for but which is curiously apropos,
I can has leather jeans!

Thanks, Jude!
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...I can prove that most of the problems in my life are caused by the Jews?
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From Abney Park band-member: "Is it still on fire? Do NOT put it on if it is still on fire."
(I figure she has been dating this guy a LONG time. He was "punking" a jacket over a hibachi in the back yard.)
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This morning, I am off to see my surgeon for my regular check up. I am looking forward to this! It helps that he is adorable, of course. 116 lbs down, 20 to go!

Then I have a private adult Hebrew student and a quiet day of meetings with my rabbi and cantor and an attempt to get all my stuff done. I'm actually looking forward to this; part of this could be that I have NO evening meetings tonight. I NEVER have a free Thursday night, so it feels like a snow-day.

Off I go with my heating pad, my coffee and my husband - talk about a trio of security items!


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